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Speedway Super Saloon & Saloons  For Sale
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For Sale: Saloon 5w

For Sale: Saloon

For Sale: Saloon

For Sale: Saloon 242w
11-10-2016 Price Reduction

For Sale: Saloon 26t

For Sale: Super Saloon 88m

For Sale: Super Saloon 64i

For Sale: Saloon 35h

For Sale: Saloon 79m

For Sale:

For Sale: Corvette Saloon

For Sale: Super Saloon 444c

For Sale: Saloon 69i

For Sale: Super Saloon
Rolling Lovelady chassis, Winters Q/C, Sweet power steering
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For Sale: Saloon 28d
Rolling Moore chassis, HQ box, Winters diff, Sweet Rack
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For Sale : Saloon 1nz Engine and Gearbox combo
Built by Brian Kelly, SHP Dart Block 355ci, Over 500 HP

For Sale: Super Saloon 34t
2014 Hypermac, Sweet steering rack, Kirkey seat, Winters diff
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For Sale : Saloon 27b
Kuriger chassis, 360 Chev, Q/C diff,  Integra Shocks, Spares

For Sale : Mustang Saloon
Ex 1nz, Rolling or complete with Marsh 5ltr ford v8, Spares

For Sale : Super Saloon 42h
Peter Hemi chassis, 414ci methanol engine, Rolling or Complete

For Sale  : Saloon 12s
Berryman chassis, Leyland P76, HQ box, Winters Q/C, Spares

For Sale : Saloon 24w
HRC chassis, Chev 355, Q/C diff, QA1 shocks, Spares

For Sale : Saloon 66i
Kuriger Chassis, Fully set up minus engine, Engine available
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For Sale : Saloon 8w
Rolling HRC chassis, Winters QC, Wilwood brakes, Spares

For Sale : Saloon 74a
KMAC Chassis, Stealth 360 Chev, Winters Q/C, Spares, Trailer
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For Sale : Super Saloon Chassis ex1nz
Rolling Halcrow chassis, Minus motor, gearbox & body
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